Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Possible Carnival Post.

I'm contemplating submitting a post for the next PF Carnival. I'm putting in serious effort to make a post that is on par with other writers. Truth be told, I don't think I measure up. Grawr.

I'm leaving the house soon to go pick up my little sister. We are going out with our eldest cousin to celebrate her engagement (that equals me paying for my sister and I). Fortunately, my cousin said we can pick where to go for dinner. Normally, she has expensive tastes. Since the ball is in my court, I'll pick something that's nice but isn't going to empty my coffers.


Kris said...

Chinese food! Everybody wins.

Love the redesign!

mapgirl said...

Submit! OBEY! ;-)

Submit, often they don't get filtered out unless the post is egregious in some way.

It's worth it to build traffic and what's a little rejection? It's only blogging. (Just as I wrote that, The Cure just told me, 'It's a stupid game/A stupid game.' So there you go. Robert L. Smith tells it like it is.)

VixenOnABudget said...

@Kris: I hate Chinese food. Gag! I'm not as happy with the new template, but people are able to read it easier.

@Mapgirl- I've seen the Cure play live! It was amazing! I was sixth row... and my date crashed the pit, and chaos ensued. Heh. I suppose I'll HAVE to submit now.