Saturday, December 29, 2007

Picking Up The Pieces: How To Recover From The Woes Life Throws Us.

At some point, you have to pull yourself out of downward spirals. I'm a firm believer that only you can make your life better. That said, I could make excuses for why I stopped posting but the simple explanation is:

When things started going wrong, the first thing I neglected was my finances.

In the past month, I had some health problems. Followed by relationship problems. Followed by having finals. Followed by vacation. Instead of keeping myself on the right track financially, it was the last thing I was thinking about. Most people adopt the same tactic when problems arise in life. By not keeping control of my finances, I let something out spiral downward.

While I didn't run up five grand in credit card debt, I did stop saving (even spent a little of it), and gained a few hundred on the credit cards. Bad, bad, bad move on my part.

I've realized that I felt worse about myself by letting go of the economic component. Normally, managing my finances makes me feel in control of my life. It gives a sense of self-accomplishment. I'm re-prioritizing right now and I already feel better.

Relationships come and go. There will be times of good health and bad. But, I can't point those things out I'm my credit report.