Friday, October 26, 2007

November Goals

1. I'm doing meal planning along with Wooly Woman for the month of November. I've already started writing out lists of possible meal ideas. Fortunately for me, my food costs are cut by the fact that I work in a restaurant and takes some (not all!) of the planning out of meal. Although, figuring out how to take food to school makes it hard.

2. Increase my income 400 dollars over last month by working four days more than I did last month. I definetly didn't work enough this month.

3. Finish Christmas shopping and do it for less than 150 dollars. I already have quite a few gifts for people. I'm hoping to come in under budget.

4. Pay off Old Navy card (roughly 350 dollars). That will bring my debt down to just the Wells Fargo card, which also happens to be my lowest bill.

5. Lose seven pounds by the sixth and fifteen by November 23rd (I started on Oct. 23rd). On a side note for anyone curious, I tend to follow Suzanne Somers. I love her dieting plan; it's ridiculously easy and healthy.

6. Exercise two-three times a week. This will be by FAR the hardest goal. The only way I like exercising is if I'm at a gym. Le sigh. I need to find a motivation for exercising.

7. Find a cheaper cell phone plan. I'm paying eighty five dollars a month right now and I always (without fail) have extra minutes left over that get put in rollover. I have eleven thousand (!!!) rollover minutes. It's ridiculous. Roughly a year ago when I bought the phone, I was more likely to use those sort of minutes. I'm too busy now though.


SavingDiva said...

If you're interested in a Sprint plan, look into the Sprint SERO plan.

VixenOnABudget said...

I'll look into it. Thank you!