Saturday, October 6, 2007

Huge hit.

My legs are killing me from work today. Things were quite hectic. Furthermore, I take my break before my shift*... so seven to eight hours on my feet straight. :-/

10-6- Saturday
-496.00 - rent** - check
-271.?? - car payment - check
-20.00 - gas - gas
Subtotal: -787.??
+120.00 - tips

Total: -667.??

*I actually take my break before the shift for financial reasons. As a waitress, taking a half hour away from your tables and entrusting them to someone else is always risky. Especially when you know you give better service than the other person. Also, this means an extra half hour on the clock for me. More $$.
**Usually, it is six hundred. It's less for this month because I advanced money to the lady I rent from this month.

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