Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Needless Library Fees

Officially, I receive the dunce award. I have close to thirty books checked out from my school library at the moment. They are spread out among InterLibrary Loans and ones from the campus. Well, I knew that several were due back today. They are ILL books so I can't renew them. I've been keeping my books either at the boyfriend's or in the trunk of my car so that I have them on hand. When I got to school today, I realized I had taken all of the books out of my trunk when I was cleaning the car out. Grawr. Stupidity on my part.

According to the school's policy, it's only a 25 cent charge per day on the books. There is two do back today; two tomorrow. While the fee for the school is minimal, I'm not sure if it is more expensive since they are from other libraries. I'm assuming it's not worth my time to drive all the way back home and waste all that gas. I'd go through nearly a quarter tank between driving out here and driving back.

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