Monday, October 15, 2007

Embarassing Disclosure.

Thanks again for all the advice on what I should do with the remainder of my financial aid. I never even thought about the fact that FAFSA looks at my savings.

Here's the embarassing part, I couldn't offhand tell you what the balances are on the three cards I have, nor could I tell you what the interest rate is on all of them. I have a vague general idea, but part of my purpose with creating this blog is to sort out all the odds and ends that I never thought of before. I have work looming within the next hour, but tomorrow (along with studying for a midterm that is that day) I will find out my balances and interest rates. It isn't that I don't look at my bills; I just have never stopped to really remember any of the information.

To test what knowledge I do have, here is the balances/IR/max balance possible that I think I remember are on those cards:

Capitol One: 480/24%/500
Old Navy: 350/20%/900
Wells Fargo: 1050/15%/1100

My worst habit when it comes to credit cards is that I always manage to pay them A DAY LATE. I'll pay them online like a day in advance, yet they don't show until the day after. Erg. I really, really, really, really, really, really, need to improve on paying my credit card bills on time.

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