Sunday, October 2, 2011

Back in Action?

It is so weird to be coming back to this website. Surreal in fact.

My debt has only continued to pile up through my early and in to mid-twenties. Unexpected expenses tend to be the biggest culprit. My inability to save ahead for these things is pathetic.

I picked up one of my favorite guilty pleasure reads (Save Karyn) recently and realized that I needed to do something about my debt. I always have a budget going, but I have such a hard time sticking to it. It feels like every couple months I'm attempting to get myself back in gear.

The only time I have ever felt fiscally responsible was when I had this blog.

Writing and posting about my finances took the secrecy away. I couldn't hide from it. In fact, the positive feedback only made me stronger in resolve to stick to a budget. So, I've decided to turn back to what helped me five years ago when I had first moved out on my own.

First action: Figuring out where I'm at in terms of my finances. I don't even know what my debt looks like at this point. Only a vague estimate. Please don't pay attention to the bar graphs on the side in the mean time.