Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October Spooky Spending Report (Not too frightful).

This is my first time creating a spending report for the previous month; bear with me on it. I have 310 dollars left over for the month which is going to go towards grocery shopping (starting meal planning tomorrow), emergency fund, and Old Navy card.

I'm going to break this down by amount of money spent and percentage of income it takes up. The main categories are shown first, followed by the actual breakdown. The 17.2% leftover is that remaining 310 dollars.

Food= 8%
Cell Phone= 4.7%
Gifts= 3.5%
Car= 28.5%
Rent= 27.5% (typically higher)
Clothes= 2.6%
School= 1.8%
Credit Card= 4.9% (not counting huge payment this month, see previous entries)

Cell Phone -85.4 =4.7%
Groceries -55.72 =3.1%
Household-10.52 =0.6%
Fast Food-15.31 =0.9%
Dining Out-60.6 =3.4%
Other-1 =0%
Gifts-62.6 =3.5%
Clothes-45.99 =2.6%
Auto Insurance-203.63 =11.3%
Rent-496 =27.5%
Car Payment-271 =15.6%
Gas -28 =1.6%
Car Expenses-34.99 =1.9%
Credit Card-89 =4.9%
School Expenses-31.81 =1.8%

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SavingDiva said...

I find that breaking down my spending at the end of the month is helpful for figuring out my vices.