Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sudden Technorati Boost?

For the longest time my authority level on Technorati has been a meager 1. I've seen other newer blogs have higher authority scores. Furthermore, it has never accounted for any new posts. The little display icon has always been from the very first day I registered it.

No more!

I happened to glance at it today and found that it had suddenly spiked to 25! Okay, I know, nothing fantastically high, but still! It's finally receiving the pings for my newer posts. I don't know what happened to suddenly cause the site to start receiving my updates but I'm thrilled.


Strange Bird said...

Some sites take a long time to get their first ping there. Not sure why.

Mike said...


Thanks for reminding me about Technorati. I totally forgot to register my blog there. :)