Friday, February 8, 2008

Additional Income: Bartending

Similar to not writing about things going on at work until everything was secure, I haven't wrote about my newest source of income: bartending. I'm now a private bartender. I put out an ad on Craigslist advertising bartending for private parties. I'm already booked for this Saturday night. Current emotions include nervousness, anxiety and excitement. I booked the party over a week and a half ago and have already spoke with the woman a couple times regarding what types of liquor, garnishes and accoutrements they should buy. Furthermore, I made up a menu list of all the possible drinks I could make with the items available.

I'm uber-nervous. This little side project also involves me going and purchasing bartending supplies. I've been looking around online at places around me that carry bar supplies. Not a good selection. I'm going to buy a few staples now, but purchase the bulk of my liquor pourers online.

Oh, and I printed up business cards a week and a half ago.

Why am I so nervous? It's seriously just a party of thirty to forty people. Nothing big; nothing too fancy. Just a plain old Valentine's party. I've been bartending on Sundays at work and I know how to make drinks. Like over two hundred of them. I'm fine. Erg.


Julie the Graduate said...

Sounds like a good way to make some money on a Saturday night! Remember to have fun! :-)

ntbeachnc said...

Good luck! I hope things go great and you earn lots of extra money!

Alison said...

thats awesome! how much are u getting paid for the gig? as long as you keep the drinks flowing, you will be fine :)

VixenOnABudget said...

It ended up going great! I'll post about it later tonight.

I made a little over a hundred dollars for it.

Canadian Saver said...

Wow, this is awesome!! A creative way to make yourself some serious extra cash!!

SavingDiva said...

I'm glad to hear the gig went well! :)