Sunday, January 13, 2008

The latter end of the week is shaping up.

How about we not look at my spending habits for the beginning of this week. Ugh.

Parking: 6
Parking Permit for rest of quarter: 84
Gas: 25
Textbooks: 155
Coffee & Croissant: 5
Dinner: 76 (My treat)

Coffee: 3
Lunch: 2
Dinner w/ sister: 18

Lunch: 2.79

Grocery Shopping: 2.33 (used 25 gift card)

At least I didn't spend any money yesterday? Oy. So, the groceries I bought on Friday are suppose to last me at least through the next week. Taking food to school is such a task for me. Erg. I'm at school for upwards 12 hours on some days. As for income, I made 112 on Monday, didn't work Friday due to a head cold, and 95 yesterday.

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SavingDiva said...

In order to make sure I bring enough food to work and the gym, I keep nonperishables in my bag always (like granola bars). I also pack my breakfast/lunch/dinner the night before because there is no way I'll pack it in the morning!