Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Before Class Round-Up

I've been catching up on my blog roll and there have been so many gems in the past week! Here's a few of my favorites:

Madame X features a post citing a study regarding how women are less likely to get hired after a certain age. It goes into plastic surgery and remaining 'hip'. Erg. Society.

Think your family's finances are hard to manage? Try having a 'throuple' household which involves a three-person long-term relationship. I'm very open to the idea of relationships involving multiple people, but have never thought about the consequences or details. Thanks to Nina over at QueerCents for this.

Over at The Digerati Life there is a great post up featuring "12 Effective Ways To Afford Big Ticket Items". Lots of little reminders on how you can manage to purchase those expensive, yet necessary, items in life.

Another set of 12 tips are featured over at The Simple Dollar. These show how you can find time (and money) to get things done on a daily basis. Number 7 and 12 are my favorites.

Run over to Well-Heeled and tell her what your food budget is!

Give Me Back My Five Bucks is an excellent example of how an emergency fund saved her during a time when she was unemployed. Please don't look at the current status of my EF. Ugh.

I have eight minutes to run to class! Off I go!

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