Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vanishing Act: Where did Vixen on a Budget go?

A lot has happened in the last year:

I moved in with my boyfriend last July. Started having severe anxiety over school, work and my relationship. Decided to take some time off of school.

Incurred extensive amounts of debt because I dreaded going to work (and despised the two hour commute).

Currently, things are looking a better. The relationship is a lot more stable. I'm still not in school and facing a major dilemma as to whether go back now or wait six months until I'm 24 which would save me considerable amounts of money in the long run (future post on this matter). I work at a new location that is five minutes from my house. More importantly, I love my job once again. There is no pressure, yelling, or chaos in my workplace. Which is hard to find in a restaurant.

Now, I just need to start getting my finances (and health) back on track.

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